Sustainable Stone

Our Green Story

Building With Stone for a Healthier Planet

At Stone Wholesale we take our responsibility to the environment seriously.

For millennia, the most advanced civilizations have been building with stone because it is abundant, durable, beautiful, and sustainable.

At Stone Wholesale we help builders, architects, developers and contractors build sustainable and 'green' stone structures. As a business, we utilize green business practices to minimize our impact and in fact improve the land that we quarry.

Consider the many reasons why building with stone and collaborating with Stone Wholesale is good for us and for future generations.

Stone is a Sustainable Building Material

  • Stone is recyclable. When a stone structure is torn down, the stone can be used to build another durable structure. You can't do that with vinyl siding or faux stone!
  • Stone is the most abundant building material on earth. Unlike, say, manufacturing petroleum-loaded plastics, the extraction of stone is a wholly sustainable process.

Stone Wholesale Is Your Reliable, Eco-Stone Supplier

Stone Wholesale practices sustainable stone extraction.

  • We work with ecologist, hydrologists, and naturalists to find a quarry site that will have the least environmental impact.
  • By law, we purchase bonds to obtain each of our mining permits. Only after we have completely restored the quarry area do we get reimbursed.
  • The land looks better after we close our quarry than before we began mining. We use our resources to leave absolutely no impact on the land that we mine.
  • We use the most energy-efficient tools and machinery on the market to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.

Buy Local

Buying local is one of the easiest and most practical steps to "going green." Colorado architects and contractors have been relying on us for their stone needs because they understand that buying local is good for everyone.

Buying Local:

  • Minimizes shipping and saves precious fossil fuels.
  • Saves money in tariffs and transportation costs
  • Boosts the local community
  • Gets you the best stone!

Build With Real Stone

Colorado has the some of the most beautiful sandstone in the world. Why go elsewhere?

Many businesses tout the economic benefits of building with synthetic, manufactured building materials. These 'pseudo-stone' materials are cheaper initially, but they harm the environment and they do not last. The cost to the environment is too much to make these materials truly cost-effective.

  • Often made of metals such as aluminum or plastics such as vinyl, synthetic building materials take a toll on the environment by exhausting natural resources
  • The toxic materials that go into these materials then leach into the water, the air, and possibly the inhabitants dwelling in and around a structure.
  • Maintenance costs are high because they do not last very long.
  • Unlike real stone, these fake materials are not recyclable.

Building with stone is always a better option. Stone keeps its natural beauty for generations. It is 100% natural and it does not require chemicals to be manufactured.

You can trust Stone Wholesale—an eco-supplier in every sense of the word.