Natural Stone Veneer

The Dramatic Difference of Sandstone

Our BrownstoneTM, CherokeeTM and Desert BlendTM sandstone, available only from Stone Wholesale, are characterized by natural earth tones. These veneer stone products radiate warmth and comfort placed in any environment. 1-, 2-, and 4-inch veneers and corner quoins are available.

Traditional design approaches to building with veneer stone products include the following looks:

  • Squared-up rectangular
  • Linear, ledge stone
  • Random fieldstone, comprising multiple shapes
  • A true, formal ashlar pattern, a 2-to-1 height formula that creates uniformity in a wall

Thin Stone Veneer

This is real stone, cut thin. Only 3/4” to 1-inch thick, complete with 90° corner pieces that allow you the freedom to have real stone… without the worry of load-bearing walls.

You have these advantages in building with our thin stone veneer:

  • At 1-inch thick, these are really thin, very REAL veneers. They are easy to install and work with. They look substantial. And they can make a tight budget project doable and the results look substantial.
  • Natural thin stone veneer is easy to fit because, as stone masons and landscape contractors know, pieces can be trimmed.
  • The beauty of thin stone veneer brings an aesthetic appeal to a building project.
  • The nonload-bearing aspects of thin stone veneer make it an efficient quarry rock with which to work.
  • Thin stone veneer is economical today and tomorrow. It will never need to be replaced and its beauty only increases with age.

Stone Wholesale has a competitive edge in producing thin stone veneer direct from our stone quarry in Northern Colorado. Thin veneer has been a top design choice for commercial and residential natural stone projects for more than a decade, and, to satisfy demand, we include the CEE-JAY Tool V30 Thin Veneer Saw in our equipment line up. When you need it now—we can produce it now. The following are selections from our line of veneers:

BrownstoneTM Series

LaPorte Chop

Brownstone™ Series Veneer: LaPorte Chop

Old World

Brownstone™ Series Veneer: Old World

Summit Ledge

Brownstone™ Series Veneer: Summit Ledge


Brownstone™ Series Veneer: Arrowhead

Tumbled Chop

Brownstone™ Series Veneer: Tumbled Chop

Watermark Clading

Brownstone™ Series Veneer: Watermark Clading

Desert BlendTM Series

Aspen Ledge

Desert Blend™ Series Veneer: Aspen Ledge


Desert Blend™ Series Veneer: Blondes


Desert Blend™ Series Veneer: Cimarron

CherokeeTM Series


Cherokee™ Series Veneer: Rubble

Cherokee™ Ashler

Cherokee™ Series Veneer: Cherokee™ Ashler

Cherokee™ Brownstone™ Mix

Cherokee™ Series Veneer: Cherokee™ Brownstone™ Mix

Our thin stone veneer will cover approximately 200 square feet per ton. Two-inch stone veneer will cover approximately 90 square feet per ton, and 4 inch stone veneer will cover approximately 35 to 40 square feet per ton.

Look to us for wholesale stone veneer. We're among the top building stone wholesale distributors in the Rocky Mountain Region.