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What is the difference between BrownstoneTM and Watermark BuffTM?

After sawing BrownstoneTM blocks it is called Watermark BuffTM because the sawing process creates the watermark look.

How much does your sandstone weigh?

150lbs per cubic foot

How much does a pallet of stone weigh?

3000-4000lbs each

How much coverage can I get from your stone?

90-100 square feet per ton (1 3/4" Flagstone)
35-40 square feet per ton 4" veneer (4" is front to back)

How hard is your sandstone?

Follow the links below to view the ASTM results:

What is your minimum order?

1 semi load, approximately 24 tons

How do you handle trucking?

We are not in the trucking business but we will shop around and get the best rates available. Trucking will be billed directly to the customer.

What is the best way to seal your stone?

There are many types of sealers that will have varying effects on stone. Ask your local dealer for specific information about finish and the end result of sealing stone.

Does the lichen on moss rock need to be watered?

It is recommended to let nature take her course. If the moss rock is inside a gentle spray of collected rain or snow water on occasion will help. Too much pressure or any chemicals will kill lichen. It is best to keep lawn sprinklers directed away from moss rock.