Dry Stack Wall Rock and Retaining Walls

Dry stack rock walls, rock walls built without mortar, have existed for millennia. They still pose a rewarding, creative challenge for anyone building with stone.

Impress clients (and future clients!) when you use stone that has been hand-selected by experts in stone products—Stone Wholesale.

Starting with impressive-looking, skillfully-selected stone is your true foundation.

We offer stone products in sizes, shapes, and hues to fit your rock wall project perfectly. Our landscape stone can be cut to your precise specifications, or we can supply you with irregularly-sized stone that you can piece together yourself.

Building with stone has never been more rewarding. Some examples of our quality wall rock products include:

BrownstoneTM Block Dry Wall

A sturdy stone dry wall can be both functional and decorative. For landscape rock, Colorado builders trust our stone products.

Watermark BuffTM Cut Dry Wall

This mini-amphitheater achieves a 3 foot elevation change with class—every piece was cut to the architect's specifications.

CherokeeTM Retaining Wall

Stunning stone and rock walls become landscaping statements when the warm, ever-changing hues of CherokeeTM are used selectively.

Moss-Rock Retaining Wall

Rocks adorned with multicolored lichen make this 'Moss Rock' retaining wall a back yard border 'Colorado Style'.