Custom Dimensional Stone

Machu Pichu, the Great Pyramids, and Notre Dame Cathedral are examples of ancient, hand-hewn dimensional stone masterpieces. Today dimensional stone is often used for projects whose finished aesthetic is to be formal and precise.

Dimensional stone has a distinct and powerful personality.

Modern stone cutting equipment gives craftsmen the ability to use dimensional stone in a variety of unique ways. We can create a range of natural stone products that are suited to all landscape and building design preferences... from standard to over the top.

Stone Wholesale has invested in precision cutting equipment to create quality dimensional stone products that are affordable and adaptable. Our equipment includes hydraulics, pneumatics, diamond-abrasion, and high-pressure water-jet texturing, and we were the first stone quarry in the United States to employ the state-of-the-art Pellegrini Pentawire Saw. Our team also creates stone products using 2 gang saws, 2 wire saws, a bridge saw and an industrial rock tumbler.

Stone Wholesale quarries, saws, and shapes dimensional stone to custom sizes. Our quality stone products are characterized by being highly suited for both structural and decorative use.

Once sawn, our sandstone shows off beautiful random markings in natural earth tones. When BrownstoneTM blocks are cut to dimension, watermark-like patterns are exposed to produce "Watermark BuffTM Dimensional" sandstone, a natural stone found only at Stone Wholesale.