About Us

"When I began in this business in the early 1980s," says Jim Striggow, president, Stone Wholesale, Inc., "the economy was in recession. Despite later downturns, Stone Wholesale never gives up—it's moving forward with plans for new stone quarries and retail-showcase facilities."

As markets and trends in the natural stone industry have evolved, so has Stone Wholesale, a Northern Colorado natural stone company with 25 years of business experience. "It's an exciting and ever-changing adventure," says Striggow.

After 4 years of being a partner in another natural stone company, Striggow began Stone Wholesale in 1986 as a retail operation and continued to sell wholesale rocks, wholesale stone veneer, wholesale fieldstone, and other quality natural stone products to landscape contractors, developers, stone masons and masonry supply companies.

It has always been Striggow's goal to "make good things happen." His tagline for the wholesale business? "Rock Solid Excellence"

New Rock Quarries to Bring You More Quality Stone Products

The permit area for Stone Wholesale's current BrownstoneTM quarry, located near LaPorte, Colorado, increased in August 2008 from 9.9 to 58.75 acres. In addition, Striggow is finalizing plans for two new stone quarries, including finishing the required state and county mining permit applications. Though the process to obtain the permits takes approximately 2 years, Striggow says the timeframe is worth it. At 640 acres apiece and within 10 miles of the existing quarry, each new quarry will diversify Stone Wholesale's product line with a new array of high-quality sandstone in both subtle and stand-out hues.

Creativity with Natural Stone to Inspire You at Our Retail Facility

Creativity with natural stone is emphasized at The Rock Garden, the retail showcase for Stone Wholesale products. Hours of operation: Monday through Saturday 8:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M., Closed Sundays and major holidays.

Three of the Rock Garden's main features were inspired by Stonehenge.

Visitors come to The Rock Garden to be inspired by stone. What they learn is that stone can be comfortable, it can be calming, and it can be powerful.

It's a landmark in Northern Colorado. Not only is it a feat of rock grandeur, it's also a park-like oasis for the delighted visitor. A rock respite worth stepping foot into. We don't charge admission... so come where it's worlds away from the everyday.

There are also geometric works to look at there... with representative titles, such as the "Helix," "Orb" and "Pyramid," all made from BrownstoneTM and CherokeeTM and easily converted to water features.

Innovative, Custom Products in Stone Design

Rolling-ball fountains called "Spheres of Tranquility," are custom-made at the Rock Garden and available in sizes up to 4 feet in diameter. Among the Rock Garden's quality stone products is the "Boulders of Fire," a decorative outdoor stone fire pit fueled with a gas flame. Because of the variety of natural stone bases from which they are carved, including moss rock boulders, "Boulders of Fire" are custom-made and one-of-a-kind.

Then there are our 'bubblers' — select pieces of natural stone boulders with water bubbling up through a slight opening on the top of the pillar. These 'bubblers' are soothing stone fountains, suitable for any landscape audio and aural element.

Stone Wholesale Is Your First Source for These Quality Stone Products

BrownstoneTM becomes "Watermark BuffTM"

Stone Wholesale produces sandstone products from two distinct strata of the rock quarry called BrownstoneTM and CherokeeTM. Both layers feature a range of colors and textures having a particular rustic character. A formal precision approach is achieved when BrownstoneTM is sawn to dimension.

After the sawing process, BrownstoneTM is called "Watermark BuffTM" because the blocks are quarter-sawn to expose the watermark patterns. Veneer stone products of both BrownstoneTM and CherokeeTM, split to 1-, 2- and 4-inch bed depths, have been a mainstay for the company.

Tumbling and water texturing methods are employed for custom looks. The remaining line-up of real rock is dimensional stone, landscape stone, large boulders and custom-crafted water features, fire pits, stone furniture and stone art.

We built The Rock Garden to showcase world-class stone in a unique setting. We didn't mean to call it Colorado's Stonehenge. That name was given to us by our enthralled visitors.

Jim Striggow, Solid as a Rock

Stone Wholesale president and founder Jim Striggow thought he had moved to heaven when he came to Colorado nearly 30 years ago. Originally from the "swamps of Michigan," Striggow became an enthusiast of natural stone upon moving here, experiencing the Rocky Mountains, and meeting like-minded locals.

Rock wholesaler, Striggow, had always gravitated towards heavy machinery – even in his youth... so developing a stone quarry and the excavation process itself were naturally appealing to him.

Striggow's own inventiveness has resulted in a line-up of quality stone products crafted from natural stone from his own stone quarry, including rolling-ball fountains, fire pits and sculpted stone art.

Jim is somewhat of a renaissance man. His interests include: physics, music, art, aircraft, and playing the drums, which he did professionally for twelve years.